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Sommerhalde Bombach

Sandy loam is held by light lime marl, which is based on a thick layer of clay. At depth are the rocky ridges of the foothills of the Black Forest. The Sommerhalde Bombach is located in the eastern part of the Breisgau region, with a southerly aspect, directly bordering the Black Forest. The wines benefit from the strong sunshine and the nightly cold air currents moving over from the Black Forest. The noticeable day-night difference in temperature promotes a slow ripening of the Pinot grapes with finely balanced harmony and fruit aromas.

Art. Nr. 80316

Sommerhalde Bombach Grauer Burgunder

Qualitätswein, trocken

0,75 l alcohol: 13,5 % vol

48,00  46,79 
62,39  / 1 L

Art. Nr. 81017

Sommerhalde Bombach Spätburgunder

Qualitätswein, trocken

0,75 l alcohol: 13,5 % vol

56,00  54,59 
72,79  / 1 L