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LAGENCUP Weiß 2020 – Germany’s best white wines were chosen. We are delighted to have been awarded the Baden Regional Winner and the Best Pinot Gris of the Year 2017:

Best Pinot Gris 2017
2017 Achkarrer Schlossberg, Grauburgunder, Weingut Fritz Waßmer, BADEN 

The darkest volcanic soils in the Achkarrer Schlossberg can heat up so much in summer that you could fry fried eggs on them. When Germany was still one of the wine-growing countries with rather cool weather, the Schlossberg was a bank for ripe grapes. But as the weather warms up, it is now simply too hot for some varieties. Since the sugar levels of Pinot Gris can quickly go through the roof at the right temperatures and for the right length of time in the sun, the vintner has to be extremely careful when working with the foliage. This not only protects the grapes from sunburn, but also delays the ripening of the grapes. Every year, this has to be carefully weighed up. Fritz Waßmer’s Pinot Gris from the Schlossberg is certainly no lightweight, which is all the more pleasing since there are already more than enough Pinot Grigio plagiarisms in this country. When the jury noted “some caramel spice, candied fruit and smoke”, it can be assumed that the ageing in small French oak barrels played a decisive role. “It’s not sweet, but it’s excellently made. Where is the veal in morel cream?” one taster wondered and immediately gave the Schlossberg a food recommendation. Because without an accompaniment, it will probably quickly become lonely. (93 points)